All prospective graduate students looking to study and work within the Wireless Lab must first be accepted by INRS University and be eligible to its own graduate scholarship programs (INRS Scholarships). View information regarding applications and enrollment in the graduate programs (How to apply) available at INRS’ website <www.inrs.ca>. Notice that admission to a research program (with master's thesis or doctoral dissertation) is conditional upon acceptance by the Wireless Lab’s Team Leader, Prof. Sofiene Affes, who will direct your work.

The recruitment process is always open. Prof. Affes is looking for students with firm commitment to excellence in all aspects of their life. He values students eager to pursuing an academic career and who are willing to put in the sweat equity to make that happen. Equally, students that have an eye on entrepreneurship and want to bring fundamental innovations in wireless communications to fruition do impress him.

Before submitting your application by email to <admission@wirelesslab.ca>, please be aware of the following:

INRS ranks as Canada’s first university in research intensity and among the top three nationwide in both research intensity and research impact. Admission is very competitive!

If you are interested in joining the Wireless Lab’s research group, please strictly adhere to the following guidelines in your correspondence:
  1. Make your letter brief;
  2. Send a resume in.pdf format;
  3. Attach all relevant supporting documents such as copies of transcripts, diplomas, certificates, reference letters, project reports, publications, etc.

Please indicate your school, current grade-point average using your country’s system, and your current class rank. Please make the case for the excellence of your candidacy. And make sure that you list any refereed conference or journal papers and any relevant work experience. This would be a big plus.

The Wireless Lab gets hundreds of emails each year from prospective student candidates. If you do not follow the guidelines above, it is unlikely that you will get a reply.