Prototyping platforms

The wireless Lab at INRS is equipped with a modern devices used for the validation of the design. The laboratory's installation contains a real time prototyping, measurements tools and test platform as well as a computer software. All the available equipment are required for the success of the industrial oriented projects in designing the next wireless mobile networks.

Lyrtech (now Nutaq) VHS ADC/DAC platform

The VHS-ADC is a high-speed, multichannel acquisition platform. It is equipped with eight phase-synchronous ADCs capable of a maximum rate of 105 MHz and a high-capacity Virtex-4 FPGA for high-speed processing. It also comes with SDRAM for data storage and an expansion connector to add eight input channels, eight output channels, or several gigabytes of DDR2 SDRAM for simultaneous full-speed recording. This makes the VHS-ADC perfect for multichannel intermediate-frequency processing or baseband processing. The VHS-ADC can be combined with the VHS-DAC to offer an end-to end chain for high-speed processing on up to 16 channels.

Nutaq PicoSDR SDR high-level integration platform

The Nutaq PicoSDR is a table top SDR solution that incorporates up to two powerful multimode SDR dual-channel RF transceiver modules, tremendous FPGA logic and memory that can be stacked together to form a 2x2 or 4x4 MIMO turnkey solution from baseband processing to the air interface. The PicoSDR is capable of uplinking and downlinking data streams to a remote computer running on Linux or Windows through high-speed GigE interface. Embedded baseband processing is enabled through the addition of an embedded processor blade (Linux). Combined with Nutaq's software framework, the PicoSDR can greatly reduce your time to market, bringing the performance that you need to a wide range of applications such as Cognitive Radios, TV White Space, Multimode SDR, Advanced Telecommunications, MIMO Systems, SIGINT, Mesh Networks and Test & Measurement.

BEECube MiniBEE SDR high-level integration platforms

MiniBEE provides engineers, researchers and professors a high performance complete FPGA/CPU/GPU/Network system in a small package for the field, lab and classroom. MiniBEE is extremely flexible, affordable and expandable.

BEECube MegaBEE SDR high-level integration platforms

Anite Propsim FS8 radio channel emulator

Propsim radio channel emulators simulate the characteristics of real-world radio channel conditions within a laboratory, enabling development and testing of high quality wireless equipment. Propsim products emulate radio channel characteristics like path loss, multi-path fading, delay spread, Doppler spread, polarization, correlation and spatial parameters critical for MIMO and multi-radio system performance. Propsim channel emulators are versatile and easy-to-use in a wide range of applications with the aim of improving the quality of wireless devices and enhancing the end-user experience. Anite's Propsim channel emulators are utilised throughout the world by leading operators, mobile device developers, chipset vendors, base station manufacturers, test houses, research labs and the defence industry.