Multi-Modal Antenna-Array Transceiver for Super 3G Wireless Networks

INRS-EMT, Université Laval, Ericsson Canada

Funding sources:
Ericsson Canada, PROMPT-Québec, NSERC/CRD

Principal investigator:
Sofiène Affes (professor, INRS-EMT)

Team members:
Sébastien Roy (professor, Université Laval), Alex Stéphenne (researcher, Ericsson Canada, adjunct professor, INRS-EMT), Quoc-Thai Ho (engineer, INRS-EMT), Isabelle Laroche (engineer, Université Laval), François Levesque (engineer, INRS-EMT), Léonard Pelletier (senior technician, INRS-EMT).

With the support of our industrial partner Ericsson Canada and in full compliance with its requirements and targets for long-term 3G evolution, this research project embraces the main idea of introducing ''super 3G'' (S3G) in the roadmap toward 4th generation (4G) by 2010, by targeting the development of new multi-modal antenna-array transceivers for S3G wireless networks. Accordingly, we adopt one of the 4G-based key enabling features of S3G radio access: the use of multiple transmit antennas at the base station and m